Messages from St. Anthony

St. AnthonyNote: I am not publicizing or advertising my spirit connection with St. Anthony for a variety of reasons, not merely to avoid the inconvenience of public doubt and incredulity, but because my feeling is that, those who are meant to be here, will find their way here. If that is you, I welcome you.

While I make no promises, I extend this invitation to you—if you would like me to submit a question to St. Anthony, on your behalf, please leave it in the comment section of this page.

5.19.15: Introduction and first shared message:

I haven’t always known that I have a connection to St. Anthony…or, perhaps I have, on some level—on a soul level. After all, my grandfather was Louis Anthony, and I named my son Antonio, 25 years ago.

Before we landed in Boston, last summer, I made a secretive plea, in the form of prayer, to the first holy person whose name or image crosses my path, to serve as the witness to a promise I had just made internally. It was a rough patch in my life, and the promise was to renew my efforts in this difficult area. We unknowingly stumbled into a celebration for St. Anthony. I later learned this is called the Feast for St. Anthony, a tradition that has been going on for some 100 years in N. Boston.

So, when I began channeling the spirit of St. Anthony, it felt like a natural, cozy and somehow familiar connection.

On one of these first occasions, I expressed my concern that having him as a guide would subject me to his desire that I align myself exclusively with the Catholic faith, for, after all, this was his mission when he lived in human form as a Franciscan monk, preaching the word. His response was:

That came with the limitations of my human embodiment…I am of the universal light, now, and there are no restrictions in reaching me or other divine beings of light…accessing these beings is just like accessing different frequencies on a radio…each has its place and purpose…light is light.

4.2.16: A Personal Message

Continue to have gratitude for what’s good in the moment, for example, right now, you’re talking to me…let this be your focus rather than on where you think you should be what you think you should be doing. With regard to your shoulder, begin to truly trust that the divine wisdom to uplift others will flow through you—it doesn’t come from you.


2 responses to “Messages from St. Anthony

  1. My oldest daughter is mentally troubled. She has turned against me and my husband and convinced her sister to turn against us as well.
    I feel that I have lost them; that they have lost me.
    My heart is broken. I miss them and their husbands, but most of all, my grandchildren.

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